Hey, I'm Jessi, and this is basically my treasure trove of beautiful art, places I want to see, video games that consume me, things that make me laugh, and other stuff that I am too lazy to categorize.
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the infinite mixtape (music blog)
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WIP, inspired by Rapunzel. Promise I’ll finish this one.
A painting I’ve been working on, inspired by a series of books I’m reading. I have several works-in-progress; I hope I can get myself to finish them. -_- I really want to finish this one, but I don’t feel like setting up the newspaper and paints and brushes and graarrgh.
Nigel the Lonely Jellyfish
I’m thinking of making a little comic featuring this grumpy ‘ol guy here. This is just what I have so far…a little sneak peek. I apologize for the crappy quality…JPEGs, ya know. We’ll see if I follow through with this..
WIP sneak peek of a drawing from my sketchbook that I’m digitally coloring.
EDIT: P.S. If you didn’t notice, I recently spruced up my blog. ; D