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Last night I gave my best friend a fake back tattoo in sharpie. She’s planning on getting one like it in the future. It faded by the next morning.
watercolor & ink

This is my first ever watercolor painting. I know it’s not very good; the thumb looks like a sausage, for one. Still, I guess I am decently satisfied. This was done for a project for art class. The assignment was first to write a short story, and then illustrate a scene from that story. God, my story was so awfully choppy near the end because I like to set my stories up like a novel.
My story was about a twelve-year-old boy named Noah, who is forced to go with his family to the carnival for “quality time.” While they are distracted getting their fortunes told, Noah sneaks away, ending up in the house of mirrors. There is one mirror that looks quite odd. It is shattered, and beyond the glass is not a wall or flat surface of any sort. There is a hallway with a door at the end. Being the curious (or maybe stupid) boy that he is, Noah creeps past the glass and enters the door. *dramatic string music* It draws bits of inspiration from Coraline by Neil Gaiman and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Maybe someday I’ll rewrite my story into a novel and make it darker and more creative. Maybe. Probably not.
Yesterday I painted rocks. This is one that I’m particularly proud of. It’s an elephant.
I had this in my sketchbook for awhile. Finally I got to paint it. I posted a WIP of this a couple of days ago.
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I started this awhile ago, but school got in the way. But here it is,  finally. I know, I know, my anatomy needs much improvement.So if  you haven’t noticed, this is Mulan. I changed her outfit around from  the original. Mulan has always been one of my favorite movies ever.  Instead of sitting around for her prince to come, she KICKS ASS. Not to  mention, her grandma is hilarious.
Textures: cloaks.deviantart.com
Character: Mulan © Disney
Tried coloring over the lines for once. : )
Gaia freebie for Roi-chan, of her original character, Harlow. Click eettt and go to my deviantart. It’s rather measly for now, but hopefully I shall be adding some wonderful stuff soon. ; )
Oh yea. The drawing challenge..It starts tomorrow. : D Heh.
Cooro from the +Anima manga series. : )