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I met Lights!
A couple of weeks ago I went to a Lights acoustic concert by myself. I was a little worried going alone, but the venue was really cozy and intimate so I just started chatting with the people around me. The performance itself was BEAUTIFUL; I can’t even convey in words how beautiful it was. Lights is just fantastic live; the emotions she puts into every song is just breathtaking.
After the concert I was absolutely determined to stick around and meet her. Apparently she’d come out before the show to greet the fans in line, but I’d arrived too late. Gradually, the number of other people waiting dwindled to around only ten people. Some guy had come outside and said that Lights had left through a back door, but I didn’t believe him considering someone had said the same thing at the last Lights concert I’d attended. At the other concert, though, I’d actually left before she came out. Sure it was cold out, but I wouldn’t make the same mistake again. To make the time pass by faster, I started chatting with some college girls, who were really friendly. Damn, I’d never been so outgoing before.
An hour passed, and then we spotted her blonde hair as she stepped onto the sidewalk. Finally! One of the guys with her sternly told us that we had to be quick with pictures and autographs. Everything was a blur as I approached her. All I remember was saying “Thank you, thank you so much…” Despite her probably being exhausted, she was so genuinely nice and humble. In that moment, everything was worth it.
Unfortunately I didn’t get to chat with her longer, but next time I’ll arrive earlier and hopefully get the chance to actually have a conversation. For now I can say that I’ve met my idol and inspiration, and that is enough.
I’m going to miss that dark hair, but Lights can honestly rock any hair color and look gorgeous.
Texture from: cloaks

The evolution of Lights’ mane.